Return on Investment Calculator

Help your real estate website stand out while you capture leads. Our Return on Investment calculator Wix App increases retention and allows visitors to review the profitability of potential deals.

The tool allows for repair costs, monthly charges and mortgage costs to be evaluated against rental revenue with profitability reports automatically generated.

  • Supports interest-only and amortized mortgages
  • Estimate rental revenue against expenses monthly and yearly
  • See valuation and cost/sq ft against rehab costs
  • Overall financial ratios built automatically
  • Presets: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • You can also translate all content displayed on your site into any language

How Do I Use This App?

Adding features to your Wix site is easy! Just click the button below and pick your Wix site. Then, Wix will let you customize how the calculator looks and personalize your email message.